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cloud operations (CloudOps)

Cloud Operations (CloudOps) stands for the management and use of software in a computing environment. Functionally, it corresponds to the previously used network operations center and the associated monitoring, maintenance and installation of servers, networks and other IT infrastructure provided by a cloud service providercloud services

. Cloud

operations are used to manage and maintain thedata and services moved to a cloud. For this purpose, the CloudOps teams in charge may build powerful IT operations processes and procedures such as automated provisioning of services and processes. Such services can be about allocating virtual machines and their usage or requesting resources. As for process automation, it can include user management and managing security-related tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

(ML) help to ensure that all dependencies can be taken into account when automating tasks. CloudOps essentially refers to DevOps and traditional IT operations applied to a cloud-based architecture.

The key concepts that support administrators to maintain operations include abstraction with decoupling of management and infrastructure, provisioning of additional compute power and storage capacity, policies with which administrators require documentation of realization, and workflow automation in the cloud.

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