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cloud management platform (CMP)

A cloud management platform(CMP) is used to monitor and control enterprise resources. Depending on the software tools integrated in the CMP platform, the platform can be used for private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds or multi-clouds.

The functions of cloud management platforms are highly dependent on the cloud concept, the provider and the requirements placed on the CMP platform. Mostly, it is about the provision of cloud services, as well as monitoring and control tasks.

Among the most important functions are services with analysis and reporting functions, which provide users with an overview of cloud service usage. Another area of application is service management, which support users in the capacity planning of the cloud services. This ensures the availability and performance delivery of the services. Another function of CMP management concerns the management of resources, resource management. This involves the management of virtual machines, of storage and networks. It involves resource discovery, tagging, provisioning and aggregation of cloud services. It also allows resources to be shared between public and private clouds.

Cost control and financial management functions are also performed by CMP platforms. This involves allocating cloud computing costs to a specific cost center or department. It's about postings and financial planning. And last but not least, security aspects need to be addressed. This includes access control, authentications, identifications and encryption of the transferred data.

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