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cloud integration

Cloud integration is about integrating cloud-based systems, application programs and business processes into the cloud so that they can be shared.

The goal of cloud integration is to connect cloud resources and on-premises resources. This allows system administrators to manage applications, data and services across clouds. Through cloud integration, the application programs can be used by all authorized users and communicate with each other. Before cloud integration, the specific cloud solutions should be tested. The decisive factors for cloud integration are secure data transmission between the user and the cloud, a transmission channel that can be flexibly adapted to the volume of data to be transmitted, and prioritization of the data so that it is processed in accordance with the application.

Cloud integration offers all the advantages of cloud computing. This allows users to access their personal data at any time and from any location. They can work in real time and use the various application programs. The high flexibility of cloud integration is reflected in the scalability of services and transmission channels and easy expansion with additional users.

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