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cloud application performance management

Cloud Application Performance Management (Cloud APM) is a process that identifies and resolves problems in cloud-based applications. The Cloud APM technique can be used in all cloud environments - public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid

clouds - and ensures optimal performance of cloud applications. Cloud APM is a tool that administrators can use to identify and resolve performance limitations, bandwidth bottlenecks, increasing latency, or other negative performance changes. It also includes security-related functions. Part of application performance management (APM) is monitoringmetrics, which is why the acronym stands for application performance monitoring, and thus application performance and user experience

. As for cloud-based application performance management, it's all about detecting and fixing application performance limitations.

For this purpose, software agents are installed on the application server to collect and evaluate some transmission metrics. These include, for example, the response time behavior and the data throughput. The recorded characteristic values can be correlated and conclusions drawn about measures to be taken.

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