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cloud access security broker (CASB)

A Cloud Access SecurityBroker (CASB) is a control entity that resides between the employees of an enterprise and the cloud services and SaaS applications. Such a CASB broker can be installed in the direct environment of the enterprise or as a cloud-based gateway

or proxy through which the enterprise traffic must pass. The CASB broker can therefore view the traffic

toand from the cloud services and SaaS services, detect threats, prevent data leaks, apply the appropriate policies

, and sanction the offenses.CASB brokers can detect, identify, and eliminate risky users and dangerous applications with the cloud services. For example, intentional threats

from your own employees or conflicted parties. Thiscan

includephishingattacks, password tapping, malware

, protection of policies to be enforced, continuous monitoring and recording of policies for compliance, data encryption on the connection to the SaaS provider to ensure data confidentiality, prevention of data loss, and various other security criteria.

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