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click to call (CTC)

Click-to-Call (CTC) is a technology with which Internet telephony( VoIP) can be carried out directly from a website in real time. Click-to- callback is different, as you leave your phone number on a company's website for a callback.

The telephone connection is established by clicking on a CTC link in the web browser, which contains the corresponding telephone number as a hyperlink. The VoIP connection is established without any time delay.

Click-to-call button, graphic:

Click-to-call button, graphic:

The CTC technology can be executed equally well via desktops and smartphones and can be used for online marketing. Thus, the CTC hyperlink can be embedded in important statements on the website, in banner ads or in emails. To avoid an overpriced connection, the phone number should be displayed before the connection is established and should correspond to the international phone number scheme.

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