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circular error probable (CEP)

Circular Error Probable (CEP) is the scatter radius with which the position accuracy ofnavigation devices

is specified. The CEP value is a probability value. It is

given as a percentage and refers to the radius


a circular area whose center is determined by the GPS system

CEP Probability

CEP Probability

The most commonly used CEP values are the 50% value R50, the 67% value R67 and the 95% value R95. For example, if the displayed CEP value is 50% for a radius of 5 m, then this means that half of all measurement results are within this radius of 5 m, but also half of the measurement values

are outside. Furthermore, it is the case that 95 % of all measurement points are located in a circle with twice the radius, which would correspond to 10 m. The location accuracy of the CEP value can be improved by combining it with other navigation systems.

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