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cinch connector

Cinch is a coaxial connector system for coaxial cables, which is used in analog audio technology and video technology for the transmission of low- frequency and high-frequency signals, such as for composite video or component video.

In this system, which is called RCA connector in America, the signal is located on the middle contact pin and the outer contact ring, which is equipped with spring contacts, serves as shielding. The easy-to-use RCA plug is available in qualitatively different versions, up to the precision version.

Structure and pin assignment of the RCA plug

Structure and pin assignment of the RCA plug

The surface of RCA plugs can be tin-plated, but also silver-plated or gold-plated. The difference in quality can be seen in the faster corrosion of the tin or silver compared to the gold-plated version, but also in the contact resistance, where the silver-plated contact has the lowest resistance value.

Color coding for audio and video

RCA plugs and jacks have color coding that is different for audio and video. Typically, the left audio channel is labeled yellow, the right is red, digital audio with SPDIF interface is orange, the center channel is black, and the speaker plug, though rarely used, is gray. If audio recording devices are used, then for audio playback a red plug is used for the right channel and a white one for the left channel, for recording the RCA plug for the left channel is marked black, the one for the right is yellow.

Gold-plated precision RCA connectors, photo: G-Tronic

Gold-plated precision RCA connectors, photo: G-Tronic

As for video, there is a marking for the composite video signal - yellow connector - and for the component video. Green is used for the luminance signal (Y), blue and red for the color difference signals "U or Pb" and "V or Pr". For the RGB signal, the connector colors correspond to the transmitted color signals. The connector for the horizontal sync signal is yellow, the one for the vertical one is green.

The cables with RCA plugs used in audio technology are called RCA cables or audio cables.

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