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choose your own device (CyoD)

Choose your own device (CyoD) is an alternative corporate strategy in which employees are provided with a mobile device of their choice - a smartphone, tablet or notebook

- for professional and private use. With the CyoD strategy, the employee can choose a device with which he or she would like to work from a selection list. The CyoD strategy can be used by the company if the ByoD strategy does not come into play because, for example, the employee does not have the appropriate smartphones, tablets

or notebooks. In such a case, the employee can select the devices from corresponding selection lists in cooperation with the company.With Choose your own Device, employees are also allowed to use the devices privately, which represents an additional employee motivation. If the selection options for the devices become too extensive with the CyoD strategy, there is a risk that the company will lose control over the many different devices used for business and private purposes and that security requirements will be disregarded as a result.

An alternative to the CyoD concept is Corporated Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE), in which the company selects the mobile device and makes it available to the employee for business and private use.

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