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chip on flex (CoF)

Chip on Flex (CoB) is a special form of Chip on Board (CoB) technology and belongs to the Direct Chip Attach

(DCA) technology. The main advantages of CoF technology are its space-saving compactness, complex shapes, lower weight compared to other technologies, thermal stability and high flexibility. Depending on the application, the materials used for chip on flex can be

theflexible printed circuit (FPC), films made of polyimide, polyester or polyethylene. Chip bonding can be done with high precision and accuracy to the substrate

or a board, using mechanical constructions, insulators and conductive adhesives as bonding elements that perform both a conductive and a heat dissipating function. The diameters of the bonding dots range from 20 µm to 25 µm.

Chip on Flex (CoF), Photo:

Chip on Flex (CoF), Photo:

Chip-on-board technology is used in electronic devices, in automotive technology, medical technology, in the military industry, in aircraft and in home electronics.

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