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Checkboxes are small boxes that serve as functional elements and must be activated or deactivated by the user of a program, the operating system or for the configuration of a driver or a file format. They are often found in downloads

where licensing and usage must be confirmed, as well as in the configuration of printer drivers or other hardware components. There are checkboxes that can only be checked or unchecked, allowing only two states. For others, tri-state checkboxes, three state definitions are possible: the enabled, the unenabled, and the partially enabled. The latter is undefined.

Activation checkboxes for a setup

Activation checkboxes for a setup

The activation of a checkbox is usually confirmed by a black check mark - this can be a tick or a dot. If the checkbox is undefined, the check mark is gray. Checkboxes that cannot be changed in the special settings are also displayed in a grey tone.

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