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charging point

A charging point is the charging connection of a charging station or charging pole; a charging station can have several charging points. Only one electric vehicle

can be charged at a charging point. Several vehicles can be charged at a charging pole with several charging points. The charging points are differentiated according to their performance into normal charging points and fast charging points, and also into public and private charging points. The designations apply to charging stations, fast charging stations and wall


Normal charging points work with mains voltage or three-phase current, which is converted into direct current for charging the batteries in the on-board char ger (OBC), a charging device located in the electric vehicle. OBC chargers bring it to 22 kW with a charging current of 32 A. In contrast, fast charging points feed in three-phase current of 63 A at a charging voltage of 400 V. The resulting charging power is 44 kW. Alternatively, there is fast charging with direct current, which charges the batteries with up to 170 kW, later 350 kW.

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