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charge de move (CHAdeMO)

CHAdeMO (Charge de Move), like Tesla 's Combined Charging System(CCS) and Supercharger, is a charging system for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles( HEV). Asian electric car manufacturers are building the Chademo connector into their electric vehicles to ensure worldwide adoption. The Chademo charging plug is not compatible with the charging plug of the CCS charging system according to IEC 62196.

Chademo is a DC charging method standardized by IEEE as IEEE Standard 2030.1.1TM-2015. Normal charging is performed at a maximum charging power of 62.5 kW at charging voltages of 300 V to 500 V and charging currents up to 350 A; fast charging is performed at 150 kW, which is increased to 400 kW (1,000 V and 400 A) when market conditions require. Chademo operates in master- slave mode and controls the charging process and various battery parameters via the communication-enabled battery management system( BMS). The BMS systemchecks the current state of charge of the batteries, as well as the charging current and DC voltage, and the temperature of the batteries. The characteristic values are checked during the charging process and adjusted accordingly so that the batteries are not damaged.

CHAdeMO charging plug, photo:

CHAdeMO charging plug, photo:

Chademo charging stations are available in different power classes of 20 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW and 400 kW. The charging voltages are 500 V for all charging stations except the most powerful. The 400 kW station operates at 1,000 V. The resulting charging currents are 50 A, 125 A, 250 A, 350 A and 400 A.

CHAdeMO is supported and promoted by an industry consortium. This consortium includes car manufacturers Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota, among others.

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