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charge controller

The charge controller is a controller used in photovoltaics( PV). The charge controller is an electronic component in stand-alone systems, i.e. in self-sufficient photovoltaic (PV) systems equipped with their own battery.

The charge controller is connected between the photovoltaic system and the battery, it ensures the correct charging current of the batteries, protects them against overvoltage and deep discharge and controls the maximum power point tracking( MPPT).

Charge controllers can be designed as series controllers, or as shunt controllers connected in parallel. The charge controller interrupts the circuit to the battery when thresholds are exceeded or not reached.

Charge controller for stand-alone PV systems, photo:

Charge controller for stand-alone PV systems, photo:

The dimensioning of the charge controller is based on the system power in watt peak( Wp) of the PV system. The maximum current can be calculated from the system power and the output voltage.

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