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characters per inch (cpi)

The Characters per Inch (cpi) specification is generally interpreted as a typographic specification: How many characters can be displayed on a width of one inch? This specification depends directly on the size and type of font. Larger fonts

can fit

fewer characters on one inch than smaller fonts

, and bychanging the font size, you can fit more or fewer numbers, letters, and characters on a given unit of length. In word processing, character per line

(cpl) is used rather than character per inch (cpi),but characters per inch (cpi) is used for bar codes and 2D codes

andis a measure of bar code density. Depending on the bar code and thus the number of bars and gaps with which an information character is represented, a character can consist of five bars and gaps, as in Code 2/5.

With a minimum width of 0.2 mm, this results in a width of 1 mm per character and thus 25 characters per inch (cpi). In magnetic tape technology, the term characters per inch (cpi) was also used in the past, indicating how much space a character took up on a magnetic tape. From 200 ┬Ám per character it can be calculated that 125 characters per inch could be stored.

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