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central control unit (CCU)

Central Control Units (CCU) are central control units. The term is used for communication components that are used in smart homes and in automotive technology, where in one case, the smart home, they control electrical consumers, and in the other, the car, they ensure communication between the central gateway (CGW) and the Internet


Central Control Units in the Smart Home

In Smart Homes, Central Control Units provide the user interface for building management

via the energy supply in theSmart Grids, consumer control for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc., the lighting technology

, theheating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, for communication, entertainment technology and, last but not least, the security technology with surveillance cameras and alarm systems

. Zones

, schedules and setpoints can be configured and alarm messages and real-time graphics can be generated via the primary user interface

Central Control Units in motor vehicles

In automotive technology, the Central Control Unit connects the Central Gateway (CGW) to the Internet. Through this central control component, the Electronic Control Units (ECU) can be monitored remotely and load software updates. Vehicle occupants can dial into cellular networks, and Car-to-Infrastructure-Communication (C2I) allows motor vehicles to communicate with each other via Roadside Units (RSU).

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