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centimeter gram second (cgs)

The CGS unit system stands for "centimeter, gram, second". It is a metric system of units for small units and is therefore also referred to as the Small-Unit Metric System.

br> The CGS unit system is based on the three basic units centimeter for lengths and offset, gram as unit for mass and weight, and second for time.

In addition to this system of units, there are, among others, the metric MKS system of units, which stands for" meter, kilogram, second" and is used for larger units, and the Système International( SI), which is also known as the International System of Units (SI). The various systems of units are based on basic units such as length, weight, time, current, temperature, and brightness, from which other units such as area, volume, work, energy, power, velocity, acceleration, and many others are derived.

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