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cell voltage monitor (batteries) (CVM)

A cell voltage monitor, Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM), is a device for real-time monitoring of the cell voltage of batteries, fuel cells and other energy storage devices.

A Cell Voltage Monitor monitors various characteristics of batteries and fuel cells such as the battery voltage, the cell temperature of the battery cells and the changes in the charge cycles and discharge cycles and draws conclusions about the aging process. It is a multi- channel device with which several thousand battery cells can be monitored simultaneously.

The data from the cell voltage monitor is either processed directly by an electronic control unit and displayed in real time. They can also be transmitted to a computer system via bus systems such as the CAN bus, via programming environments such as LabView or USB interfaces and processed there. Processing and digitizing the measurement data in real time has the advantage that interference is thereby reduced to a minimum. On the other hand, transferring the data to a computer system and using CVM software can speed up the process ofdata analysis and help to optimize the configuration of the cell voltage monitor.

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