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carrier aggregation (CA)

Carrier aggregation( CA) is a method of carrier bundling used in mobile communications networks to increase data rates. The higher data rates are achieved by combining several smaller bandwidths into larger frequency bands.

Since bandwidths cannot be expanded in mobile communications networks, carrier aggregation combines several individual channels into one broadband transmission channel. If the individual channels are directly adjacent to each other in a frequency band, this is referred to as intra-band contiguous; if there are frequency gaps between the individual channels, this is an intra-band non-contiguous configuration, and if the individual channels are in different frequency bands, this is an inter-band configuration.

Carrier aggregation modes

Carrier aggregation modes

Carrier aggregation can also be implemented with two, three or more carrier frequencies. This method is called component carrier( CC), where several frequency blocks, which are the component carriers, are assigned to one subscriber.

Carrier aggregation is used in Long Term Evolution Advanced( LTE-A) and 5th generation( 5G) mobile networks, among others.

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