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carbon microphone

The carbon microphone is an acoustic transducer that generates electrical voltage changes from changing sound pressure. The transducer itself consists of very fine carbon particles that are compressed under pressure and thus change their resistance value.

The carbon particles are contained in a capsule which is covered with a thin foil and forms the membrane. It is connected to a DC voltage source. When sound pressure hits the diaphragm, the carbon particles are compressed, the resistance value decreases and the current flowing through them increases.

Microphone capsule of a carbon microphone, photo:

Microphone capsule of a carbon microphone, photo:

The carbon microphone with its classic transducer method was used in studios in the early years of broadcasting technology. To avoid acoustic interference from footsteps and movement, good studio microphones were embedded in marble blocks that were suspended in a springy manner. Later, carbon microphones were installed in telephone receivers.

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