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capability maturity model integration (CMMI)

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process model for organizing information technology that focuses on development. Another one, which is the de facto standard in this area, is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) with focus on IT service management

. The focus of CMMI integration is directed towards the development of systems, applications, processes and products with the involvement of suppliers. The CMMI model is used to standardize IT processes and makes use of existing practical experience. The complete model is composed of the areas of project

management, development, support and process management and can be further diversified in the individual disciplines. Each of these process areas can be assigned certain capabilities in the IT organization, which can also be quantified. All capability levels together serve to assess the maturity level of the entire IT organization. The goals of the CMMI process organization are to improve quality and to meet development times and costs.

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