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camera recorder (Camcorder)

The term camcorder is a combination of camera and recorder, i.e. a device that captures and records video and audio signals.

What all camcorders have in common is the recording technology, which works with one image sensor in the case of inexpensive devices and with three 1/3"image sensors in the case of professional devices, one for each of the three primary colorsred, green, blue( RGB).

With this technology, the colors are distributed to the individual CCD or CMOS sensors via a prism, then digitized and stored directly in a DV format. The video bandwidth is relatively large, which is reflected in the amount of data. To reduce the amount of data, the data is compressed before storage, for example in MPEG. For the storage itself, which can be in component video, YIQ or YUV color model, video cassettes, miniature hard disks, mini DVDnkArticleID= "16690" ArticleURL=" DVD-writer-DVD-writer" ArticleTitle="DVD-writer">DVD writers and memory cards are available. More popular recording formats include VHS-C, SVHS-C, the DV format, digital video and Micro-MV.

Sony HDR-HC1 camcorder

Sony HDR-HC1 camcorder

Data transfer between the camcorder and personal computer( PC) is via a fast serial bus, such as FireWire or the USB interface.

As additional components, all video cameras include a microphone with post- amplifier and a viewfinder device, which can also be a small, foldable LCD display.

Camcorders are equipped with all the features of modern video cameras. These include white balance, zooming, still image capture, etc. The resolution in consumer electronics is 640 x 480 pixels, in the professional field 3 MegaPixel and more are achieved.

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