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calling line identification presentation (ISDN) (CLIP)

Indigital telecommunications networks, call number information can be transmitted from the calling party to the called party. This feature is called Calling Line Identification Presentation(CLIP) and corresponds to Calling Line Identification( CLI).

Calling Line Identification (CLI), Photo: Comtech

Calling Line Identification (CLI), Photo: Comtech

If caller ID is not desired, it is possible to suppress caller ID transmissionpermanently or on a case-by-case basis using Calling Line Identification Restriction( CLIR). On the one hand, the caller ID can be used to identify the caller before the connection is established, and on the other hand, the coupling of separate systems is easier to establish for pure data applications.

Calling line identification can be used with Computer Integrated Telephony( CIT) with a telephone number and address book to display the name of the caller.

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