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call to action (TV advertising) (CTA)

Call-to-action (CTA) is a sales concept designed to encourage the viewer to take immediate action. Call-to-action is used in online marketing. It is supported by immediate actions, such as "Access now", "Click here", etc.

CTA actions have an immediate impact on conversion rates. CTA activities are supported by action boxes and buttons in browsers, by displaying call-to-action numbers, and by many other means.

Triggering an action is applied in TV advertising, print advertising and online advertising to increase sales. The TV viewer, the reader of a newspaper or the visitor of a website should become active by himself and is animated to a certain action. For example, they should dial a certain phone number, buy a certain product immediately because it is only cheaper now, download software, register for a test drive at a certain car dealer or take part in a competition.

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