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business to consumer (B2C)

B2C stands for Business to Consumer, which is e-commerce or m-commerce between companies and end consumers. B2C comprises the online trade of goods and services as offered on the Internet for end customers. B2C trading can be done through trading platforms or through direct market resellers

(DMR). The platforms for B2C range from online shopping

to thetourism sector with travel bookings, the reservation of tickets, financial and insurance services and auctions


E-commerce between administrations, companies and private customers

E-commerce between administrations, companies and private customers

If we compare online shopping with shopping in supermarkets, there are certain parallels. These include, for example, the electronic shopping carts into which customers can place their goods. The selected goods are displayed with the cumulative price. The goods can also be removed from the shopping cart. As in a normal shop, there are several options for paying for the goods, ranging from credit card and invoicing to online direct debiting.

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