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business continuity management (BCM)

Business continuity management(BCM) is a crisis-proof IT concept with which all business activities are maintained in the event of an emergency. It originates from business administration, but has been transferred to IT technology and includes many security-relevant IT applications. In this context, IT security, information security, risk management, archiving and disaster recovery( DR) are worth mentioning.

Business continuity management must take effect in extraordinary situations, which can be unforeseeable computer failures or attacks on computer systems, and ensure the continuous continuation of all business processes. It is a preventive emergency concept based on analyses and strategies that takes effect in the event of a crisis. Included in prevention are risk analyses with the assessments for the emergency, the strategy for the emergency situation, the recovery measures and the integration of the planned measures into the existing business processes.

The goal of all BCM activities is to increase the availability of critical business processes, ensure productivity, and quickly restore all data resources, services and programs. Measures for this can be found in regular backups, data archiving and mirroring of hard disks. Furthermore, comprehensive security measures with authentication of people and processes, access control and a security infrastructure( PKI) are required.

The methods for business continuity management are covered in BS 7799 and ISO 22301, among others.

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