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business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

Business continuity(BC) and disaster recovery( DR) are two closely related approaches to minimizing economic losses in the event of system failure and external threats. Disaster recovery is part of the business continuity strategy and refers to the recovery of data assets after a disaster.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) is about reducing risk against system failures, avoiding potential data loss and preventing attacks against malware.

"Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery" is described in Chapter 9 of the BS 7799 security standard and is used to ensure the continuous continuation of business planning and processes in the event of a disaster. BCDR activities consist of disaster recovery, which is used to restore data assets, and business continuity, which is the resumption of business operations.

Business continuity includes risk analysis, planning for business continuity, implementing organizational strategies, and verifying efficiency. In this concept, the advanced planning and preparations necessary to identify the potential for loss are made. In addition, Disaster Recovery (DR) formulates and implements the profitable recovery strategies that safeguard organizational services in the event of an emergency.

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