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A busbar is a central conductive rail used in electrical engineering, low-voltage and high-voltage technology, to which lines for power distribution are connected. Current is supplied and discharged via a busbar.

In low-voltage engineering, busbars are used in power, distribution, fuse and meter boxes and provide a simple, clear connection method. The cables routed to the busbars can be connected to the copper busbar by means of a plug-in connector or screw connection. The permissible current load depends on the cross-section of the busbar and is regulated according to DIN.

Solar cell with contact fingers and bus bar

Solar cell with contact fingers and bus bar

In photovoltaics, the busbars are directly integrated into the solar modules. These are thin metal strips on the solar modules to which the individual solar cells are connected via contact fingers. To improve current conductivity, these busbars are made of silver. The generated solar current is supplied to the busbar via the contact fingers.

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