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building management system

Building management systems(GSM) are superordinate management systems for building automation, communication technology, security technology, lighting technology, energy technology, heating technology, ventilation technology and air conditioning technology, as well as for preventive hazard technology and current hazard reporting. Included in the various concepts of building management are smart grids with their diverse tasks.

Since the tasks for building management can be very complex and diverse, various systems, plants, buses and networks are connected to a building management system. Via these systems and networks, to which in turn sensors and actuators are connected, the central, computer-based building management system receives a large amount of information and messages that are used for decision-making, and which are logged and archived. These include messages from building surveillance, room monitoring and access control, perimeter security, information from motion detectors, smoke detectors and other hazard detection devices, images from video surveillance, room temperatures, room brightness and humidity, the functionality of the building control system, communications technology, and the monitoring of the energy feed and energy supply. The tasks of the building management systems can include those of the building management, for example, the management of rooms and parking spaces.

As far as networks are concerned, mesh networks in a radio meshed structure are increasingly used in building management, such as Bluetooth and ZigBee, among others. With Bluetooth 5, a range of 1 km can be achieved. As for protocols, DALI, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, and Bluetooth mesh are specified for ambient light control. These protocols can be adapted to various other sensors.

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