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building entrance facilities (BEF)

The Building Entry Point (BEP) forms the transition from the outdoor cable to the indoor cable, as well as the interface between external broadcast services and the building distribution system or home wiring. It can be connected directly to the satellite reception equipment, but also to a terrestrial antenna system, the broadband cable network, FTTH or, via xDSL technology, to the local exchange.

The broadcast services of radio, television and the Internet are available at the home transfer point and are fed into the home TV cabling via the home distribution network or into the home network via the apartment distributors.

House transfer point (HÜP), photo:

House transfer point (HÜP), photo:

The house transfer point is defined in terms of level for the various frequency ranges. For example, the transfer level for television signals up to 440 MHz must be at least 63 dBµV and must not exceed 83 dBµV. The video signal-to- noise ratio must be at least 45.5 dB and the intermodulation ratio at least 62 dB.

In the case of a fiber optic connection, the house handover point is the connection point at which the outdoor fiber opticcable ends, the fiber optic termination point(GF- AP), and the indoor fiber optic cable for the floor and apartment wiring begins. In residential buildings, the GF-AP is often located in the basement or in the house connection room. From the fiber optic building distributor(GF-GV), a FO connection is made via fiber optic collection points to the fiber optic subscriber line(GF- TA) in the offices and apartments.

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