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broadband terminal equipment (B-TE)

The term Broadband Terminal Equipment (B-TE) refers to the specification for the terminal equipment in B-ISDN. Like B-NT (Network Termination) and B-TA (Terminal Adapter), B-TE was defined as functional groups in addition to the reference point

R in Broadband ISDN. The B-ISDN terminal equipment (B-TE) fulfils, among other things, the functionalities for

theinterfaces and the protocol between user-user and user-system. B-TE supports the transmission interface and associated Layer 1 functions, the protocol for signaling, call setup and termination to other terminals, and the OAM functions, Operation, Administration, and Maintenance


The Functional Groups of B-ISDN

The Functional Groups of B-ISDN

There are two different terminal equipment definitions, the B-TE1 and the B-TE2. A B-TE1 type terminal equipment is a system that meets the specifications for interfaces at the T (B) and S (B) reference points in B-ISDN. Type B-TE2 terminals do not conform to the ITU specifications for B-ISDN interfaces at reference points T (B) and S (B).

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