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broadband passive optical network (BPON)

Broadband Passive Optical Network (BPON), like Passive Optical Network(PON), is a passive optical technology that is used in the access area and operates with ATM. This PON variant achieves transmission rates of 622 Mbit/s downstream and 155 Mbit/s upstream.

The different PON variants that can be used in the access area

The different PON variants that can be used in the access area

BPON uses a separate wavelength range for the video services. The transmission rates of BPON are only suitable to a limited extent for the transmission of high-definition digital TV, HDTV; gigabit PON( GPON) is better suited for this purpose. In addition, the split rate specified in the DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) process, which is the number of customer systems connected to the central office, is relatively low at 6:1. A higher DBA rate would result in better bandwidth utilization, but also a lower data rate for the connected customer. To be able to transmit video, the International Telecommunication Union( ITU) has specified a separate wavelength in the BPON specifications. BPON is specified by the ITU-T under G.983.

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