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broadband global area network (Inmarsat) (BGAN)

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a worldwide, satellite-basedcommunications system for mobile voice and data transmission. BGAN is an Inmarsat service using GEO satellites with small, portable terminals on the earth's surface.

The BGAN terminals support multi- user applications, transmission of data, voice, Bluetooth, Ethernet and WiFi. The BGAN service provides broadband Internet access and mobile communications worldwide. Internet access has data rates of 492 kbit/s. Mobile technology via BGAN makes sense wherever cellular networks or radio LANs are not available for communication.

In addition to the global, broadband BGAN service, there is also regional BGAN service. It is used in Europe as well as in African and Asian countries and has a data rate of 144 kbit/s.

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