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broadband cable network

Broadband cable networks (BK networks) are line-based networks with a high bandwidth, which are installed and operated mainly in conurbations as local island networks.

The term broadband networks covers all cable networks via which a transmission rate of 2 Mbit/s and higher can be transmitted. These networks, which have been built since 1984, are also known as cable television networks and were conceptually designed for the unidirectional transmission of broadcast services such as radio programs or television programs. In order to be able to use these broadband cable networks for the access area, the networks were equipped with a return channel for bidirectional operation. These include the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) and DVB-RCC.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, various standardization committees have been concerned with the standardization of data communication via broadband cable networks or cable distribution networks. For example, the IEEE 802.14working group, DOCSIS from Cablelabs, Digital Audio and Video Council (DAVIC) and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB). These activities partly compete with each other and have therefore not yet established themselves sufficiently on the market. In particular DVB-RCC, the American DOCSIS and the European variant EuroDOCSIS.

Overview of downstream and upstream bands in cable distribution networks

Overview of downstream and upstream bands in cable distribution networks

Broadband cable networks are functionally designed in network layers (NE) from the feeder to the subscriber. The network levels have a number designation from 1 to 5.

The restructuring of the German broadband cable market resulted in independent operating companies using the networks for the access area and providing corresponding end-user access for the TC networks. Access is provided via cable modems, which are used to provide high-bandwidth Internet access as well as telephone services.

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