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brick server

A Brick server is a compact modular server

that is assembled from individual functional modules, the Bricks, and installed in chassis. The Brick concept was developed at the beginning of the century and has the advantages that it is extremely compact and can be adapted to the technical requirements of the user. Such a Brick server consists of several different Bricks, each fulfilling a specific functionality. They are mounted on chassis and installed in racks, comparable to blade servers

. Some computer companies also use the terms brick server and blade server synonymously. Brick

server, photo: ExtermeTech

server, photo: ExtermeTech

The bricks can contain the central processing unit with the mainmemory

, the input/output (I/O) systems, storage units, interfaces, graphics systems or the power supply

. The individual bricks interact with each other. The term brick is also used for smaller computer and network components. One then speaks of Full-Brick, Half-Brick, Quarter-Brick or Eighth-Brick.

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