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bord computer (BC)

On-board computers are the central information systems and computing systems in motor vehicles, aircraft or on ships. They receive their information from the many sensors and via radio technologies, store and process all relevant data for the route, driving and standing times, fuel consumption, etc. and present some of these directly on the connected displays.

The data processed by on-board computers include average fuel consumption and consumption averages, speed and distance travelled, time and predicted arrival time, and much more.

On-board computer for fleet management, FM100 from VDO

On-board computer for fleet management, FM100 from VDO

In addition, information about the maintenance cycle and any defects, the various fluid levels and their temperatures, operating aids as well as the interior and exterior temperature and much more is also displayed. This includes, for example, the tyre pressure monitoring system, which constantly shows the driver the air pressure in all tyres. Even navigation, communication and radio functions are supported by the on-board computer.

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