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book on demand (BoD)

Book-on-Demand(BoD) is an on-demand service where books are printed on demand. Book-on-Demand is a digital printing service that enables books to be printed as individual items or in very short runs. The flexibility in creating artwork and the performance of modern high-performance printers are the prerequisites for cost-effective printing of very short runs of up to 100 copies. Similar approaches are taken by the on-demand services Print-on-Demand( PoD) and Electronic Publishing-on-Demand (EPOD).

Print preparation for Book-on-Demand is as simple as can be with today's text programs, page layout and make-up programs. The author creates a continuous page-by-page work with table of contents, index and pagination from his text - all functions already supported by text programs. He inserts - if conceptually intended - images, photos and tables with captions, creates the optimal file for printing with the appropriate file format, such as the Portable Document Format( PDF) or Tagged Image File Format( TIFF) and mails the file to the BoD provider. The latter prints the author's work with its high-performance printers and boards and binds it in its processing machines. The physical distance between the author and the BoD print shop is irrelevant.

Book-on-demand is interesting for authors who only need a few copies, i.e. for printing studies, conference papers, diploma and doctoral theses, but also for private individuals who would like to publish a book in their own publishing house and who shy away from the financial risk of a larger print run. BoD books can be printed, reprinted and updated at any time and relatively quickly. The publisher or client has little or no inventory, has no capital commitment, and can print the books only after orders have been received. The unit costs are relatively low and, in addition, the copies can be individualized, namely by dedications, company entries or individual design.

Book-on-Demand (BoD) is a protected trademark in Germany.

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