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body control module (BCM)

A Body Control Module (BCM) is a central control module in motor vehicles. It is one of many electronic control units

(ECU) that performs various functions. BCM modules provide the interfaces for driver assistance systems

and bus concepts. They reduce the amount of wiring in vehicles, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and vehicle weight.

Body Control Modules (BCM) from MegaVaux

Body Control Modules (BCM) from MegaVaux

The functionality of vehicle control modules can include all functionalities. Access and driving authorization, exterior and interior lighting, energy management

, driver assistance systems, alarm system, windshield wiper, window regulator and sunroof functions, climate controland infotainmentplatforms

. Body Control Modules can have a smaller or extremely large range of functions, depending on the application.

They are used equally in inexpensive small cars as well as in large sedans.

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