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body area network (BAN)

Body Area Network (BAN) addresses the medical and sports requirements for monitoring body functions. BAN networks consist of smart wearables that monitor specific body functions.

These are products for sports and leisure activities, such as smart wristbands and smart watches, or products for medical control and remote monitoring of body functions. These wearables include smart glasses, smart patches and implanted nanosensors.

Such sensors monitor blood pressure and blood sugar, heart rate and electrocardiogram( ECG), eyes and existing implants. The smart wearables feed the sensed measurement data to a body gateway or mobile data hub. These functions can be performed by a smartphone worn on the person's body. There, the data is captured, collected and sent via a mobile network to a central smart hub, which transmits it to the appropriate medical facilities.

Smart contact lens, photo:

Smart contact lens, photo:

If the sensors work wirelessly, i.e. as radio sensors, this is referred to as a wireless body area network(WBAN), in which the medical data is collected by sensors and transmitted using ultra-wideband( UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) or ANT+.

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