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blu-ray recordable (BD-R)

The Blu-Ray disc

BD-R - R stands for Recordable - is a once-recordable Blu-Ray disc that can be played as often as desired.Blu-Ray discs consist of several layers. There is the single layer, Single Layer (SL), and the dual layer, Dual Layer (DL). Both versions, single layer and dual layer BD-R work with a groove

imprinted in the manufacturing process.

Blu-Ray disc BD-R with 25 GB, photo: Mitsubishi

Blu-Ray disc BD-R with 25 GB, photo: Mitsubishi

The data can be burnt into the groove, in so-called in-groove recording, or on the groove, in on-groove recording. The storage capacities of the BD-R in the single layer (SL) version are 23.3 GB

, 25 GB and 27 GB. In the dual layer (DL) version, the storage capacities are twice as high at 46.6 GB, 50 GB and 54 GB. Inaddition to the standard size with a diameter of 120 mm, there is also a smaller format with a diameter of 80 mm. The

write speed of the BD-Recordable is 144 Mbit/s, which corresponds to a 4x speed.

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