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blu-ray recordable (BD-R)

The Blu-Ray discBD-R- R stands for Recordable - is a once-recordable Blu-Ray disc that can be played as often as desired.

Blu-Ray discs consist of multiple layers. There is the single layer, Single Layer( SL), and the dual layer, Dual Layer( DL). Both versions, single layer and dual layer BD-R work with agroove imprinted in the manufacturing process.

Blu-Ray disc BD-R with 25 GB, photo: Mitsubishi

Blu-Ray disc BD-R with 25 GB, photo: Mitsubishi

The data can be burned into the groove, in what is known as in-groove recording, or on the groove, in on-groove recording. The storage capacities of the BD-R in the single layer (SL) version are 23.3 GB, 25 GB and 27 GB. In the dual layer (DL) version, the storage capacities are twice as high at 46.6 GB, 50 GB and 54 GB. Besides the standard size with a diameter of 120 mm, there is also a smaller format with a diameter of 80 mm.

The write speed of the BD-Recordable is 144 Mbit/s and thus corresponds to a 4x speed.

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