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black level

The black level is a brightness value and a defined level of an image or video signal. As a brightness value, the black level represents the darkest image details that can be shown on a display.

The black level is a display-specific value that should not impair the depth impression and spatiality of the image, even in dark displays. In contrast, poor black levels impair the dynamics of the display and thus the image impression and plasticity because the darkest image details are displayed in gray.

For HDR displays, High Dynamic Range (HDR), the UHD Alliance specifies limits for the black value. According to this, the black level of a TFT display must be below a luminance of 0.05 nits, and that of OLED displays must be below 0.0005 nits for certification.

In order to achieve a high dynamic range when taking pictures with digital cameras, the black level is automatically calibrated in camera modules. This technique is known as Automatic Black Level Calibration (ABLC). In the video signal, the black level is a defined level. In terms of level, it is above the synchronization pulses and corresponds to the brightness of 0% and the brightness level of 0 volts. Inrelation to this, the whitelevel is 100% and 1 volt.

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