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biometric service provider (Bio-API) (BSP)

Biometric Service Providers(BSP) are service providers that identify and authenticate users. They access enterprise systems and provide security services to enterprises by verifying biometric characteristics.

The biometric techniques used by BSP providers, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, hand recognition, or iris recognition, provide much higher security than passwords. Biometric methods for verification and identification provide an intuitive user interface and enable easy enrollment and quick authentication of individuals. The Biometric Service Provider captures and stores the reference images and compares them during verification. In addition to single-factor authentication( SFA), the systems can also perform multi-factor authentication( MFA) to further enhance security. For example, as a combination of palm vein recognition with voice recognition.

The error rates caused by biometric procedures are specified as False Rejection Rate( FRR) and False Acceptance Rate( FAR).

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