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binary file transfer (T.30) (BFT)

In general, Binary File Transfer( BFT) stands for the transfer of a binary file from one station to another station over an existing connection. It is irrelevant whether the transmitted file is uncoded or encoded.

In the case of fax, Binary File Transfer (BFT) is a standard for the transmission of files via a fax modem. Two standards exist for this: the CCITT standard T.434 and Microsoft At Work (MAW).

In addition, Binary File Transfer (BFT) is also used in the T.30 protocol, to which the Binary File Transfer (BFT) data field for sub-addresses has been added for remote polling of fax machines, password protection and "faxing with personal computer". With BFT, documents can be sent in an editable format directly from the personal computer to a fax machine.

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