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bill of materials (PCB) (BoM)

A bill of materials (BoM) is a list of parts, assemblies or components from which a product is assembled. In such a bill of materials, the components and parts are arranged in a structured manner.

Depending on the area of application, there are bills of materials for production, for printed circuit boards, for procurement or for spare parts. Bills of materials contain information about the manufacturer, the part number and the required number of components. In addition, they can contain the mechanical properties such as the dimensions and weights and various product descriptions, as well as part specifications, technical drawings and CAD files. Each individual item in a BOM is identified by the manufacturer part number( MPN).

Originally, the BOM was used internally by the company to record product changes and provide an accurate list of required components. Later, as components were manufactured by different suppliers, it was used for accurate control of assemblies and as a reference list for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) and distributors.

As the number of supplier companies increased, the BOM was concerned with its accuracy in terms of completeness, uniformity, and correctness.

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