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because it's time network (BITNET)

The acronym BITNET stands for Because it`s Time Network. Bitnet is a university network that originated at New York University in 1981 and had connections to a variety of universities before merging with Computer Science Network( CSNET), which spawned the Corporation for Research and Education Network( CREN). Technically, Bitnet is similar in structure to the Computer Science Network (CSNET) Cypress network. The main service in Bitnet is file transfer using the FTP protocol, although other services such as electronic mail or remote access(Telnet protocol) are also supported.

In the early years, Bitnet operated via leased lines, through which the individual institutions were connected hierarchically. The participants communicate directly with each other. The communication protocol used was Network Job Entry( NJE), developed by IBM. Years later, with Bitnet II, the Internet was used as a transport network. Here, Bitnet traffic was packaged into RSCS files, Remote Spooling and Control Subsystem, and transmitted over the Internet encapsulated in IP packets. In the third phase of Bitnet, a network infrastructure with dial-up lines was developed via whose network structure the universities, institutes and students can dial into the Bitnet. Bitnet III supports full IP functionality.

Bitnet is connected to EARN in Europe. Technologically, the network consists mainly of IBM mainframes interconnected via leased lines.

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