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bayonet fibre optic connector (BFOC)

Plugs can be classified according to the type of locking. There are various locking techniques of which the bayonet locking is a quick-release plug connection. The bayonet lock is available for coaxial cables and optical fibres.

With bayonet locking, the two connector parts are inserted into each other and the bayonet ring is brought into the locking position by turning.

ST plug and coupling. Photo: Huber + Suhner

ST plug and coupling. Photo: Huber + Suhner

For FOC connectors, the bayonet locking is used for the ST connector and the mini BNC connector. The ST connector, a widely used FO connector, is therefore also referred to as a Bayonet Fiber Optic Connector (BFOC). It is standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) under the IEC 608874-10 standard.

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