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bayonet Neil Concelmann (BNC)

The BNC connector is an RF connector with bayonet locking with which two coaxial cables are connected. A BNC connection is concentrically constructed with a plugged inner conductor and bayonet-locked outer shielding.

BNC is characterized by good RF properties and can be used for transmission frequencies far beyond the UHF range up to 4 GHz. The BNC connector is a universally applicable connector used as an RF connector in high frequency technology, video and audio technology, but also as a data connector. BNC connectors are designed for RG-58 cable and RG-59 cable and accordingly have an impedance of 50 ohms and 75 ohms.

BNC components

BNC components

In addition to Bayonet Neil Concelmann, the abbreviation BNC also stands for Baby-N-Connector, Bayonet-Navy-Connector and British-Naval-Connector.

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