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baseboard management controller (IPMI) (BMC)

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface(IPMI) is a working platform for network administrators to manage administrable system components such as power supplies, fans or LAN controllers via temperature, supply voltages or other characteristic values.

The implementation of IPMI provides for a chip on the motherboard of the corresponding system, the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC). It forms the heart of IPMI and the bridge between the IPMI system and the platform management. As a central component, the BMC controller supports event logging and recovery control. The BMC controller contains a non-volatile RAM( NVRAM) that stores its data even after power off. Sensor Data Records( SDR) and System Event Logging( SEL) are stored in this NVRAM.

The Baseboard Management Controller is connected to the power supply or another controller via the Intelligent Platform Management Bus( IPMB).

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