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baseband unit (BBU)

A baseband unit (BBU) is a component that is used in networks, on the Internet, in telephone networks and in radio base stations ofmobile

radio networks, among other things. In radio base stations of mobile radio networks, the baseband unit is connected to the remote radio unit (RRU) or a remote radio head

(RRH) via anoptical fiber. The baseband unit communicates with the other radio modules via optical fiber and the Common Packet Radio Interface (CPRI) physical interface


Baseband Unit (BBU), photo:

Baseband Unit (BBU), photo:

The baseband unit itself consists of a signal processor with which the voice signals to be transmitted are processed for radio transmission and the signals received from a mobile device. In addition, the baseband unit can perform switching functions of a mobile switching center. The RRU unit or Remote Radio Head (RRH) connected to the baseband unit acts as a transceiver and provides the connection to the antenna.

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